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Petrta is distrubitor and developer of design products

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Milled panels: Available in different profile types and different types of wood. The milled panel is 4.5 mm thick and has a flexibility so that it can be mounted directly on rounded corners and columns.

Flexibility depends on the profile on the panel.

The panel can also be ordered pre-assembled on MDF, chipboard or plywood. The thickness of the panel is then 20mm.
It is very popular to use these panels on TV walls, design walls, ceiling and headboard behind the bed. The panel can also be used for furniture production.


Pertra Baseboard is a floor molding system to achieve flush surface between the floor molding and the wall compared to traditional floor molding which the molding is placed on the wall. With this solution you would achieve a elegant and modern result.

Pertra Baseboard is a two-part baseboard system made of aluminium. Its designed to house a LED light integrated in the profile.

Pertra Kombiprofil is an aluminium profile which can be installed in the transition between walls and ceileings. It will achieve an floating ceiling and LED light can be integrated for ceiling lightning. This aluminiumprofile can also be used as an integrated LED light-track in walls or also as a floor molding.  

Doors and Windows

Kringsjaa Norge AS was established in 2016 and delivers and assembles exclusive interior and exterior products.

Kringsjaa bring innovative products to the construction industry, architects, and individuals in search of unique quality.

Kringsjaa’s focus is always on stylish design that can transform an everyday moment into something unforgettable. Kringsjaa are based in the Oslo area, and deliver throughout Scandinavia.