Comprised of linear, almost skeletal elements, the modular Frontier™ system congregates to form undulating sculptures and rhythmic slatted features. Available in two variations – Fins and Raft – the Frontier system is designed to communicate with interior spaces via an adjustable channel and clip system – giving you complete control over the height, spacing, and placement of each individual component. Lightweight yet solid in appearance, Frontier Acoustic Fins and Raft are made from 100% polyester fibre and cut to form elegant 2D and 3D shapes. Frontier is designed to be ‘tuned’ to interior spaces, offering tailored acoustic absorption across a wide range of frequencies.


  • Features and benefits
  • Delivers excellent acoustic performance
  • Available in nine styles
  • Formed by just three elements, Frontier is installed quickly and efficiently, saving time on site
  • Easy to uninstall and relocate
  • Can be ‘tuned’ to any space
  • Constructed without adhesives